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BobTail Small

Next generation small diameter hack bolt

It becomes removable compared with the past and board thickness is wide.

□ There is no pintail!

・ There is no breaking noise of the pin and the fastening is quiet.
  ・ There is no breakage, so no waste is generated.
          ・ No need for surface treatment on the fractured surface.

□ High seismic resistance!

・ The collar crimped to the bolt thread forms a permanent, shock-resistant connection.

□ Reduced amount of swaging

・ By improving the special tool, it is possible to swage with less force. In addition, the fastening speed is faster than conventional products, and a durable product is produced quickly and cheaply.

[Realize tool miniaturization]

Next Generation Hackbolt Bobtail Does Not Cut Pintails
It is a type.
Therefore, the noise has disappeared dramatically in the factory. For the workers, the noise has disappeared and the working environment has been significantly improved.
There are no foreign matter claims and no injuries due to flying pintails, eliminating various problems. Bobtail tools work smoothly, with no shock, no repetitive loading, and much more secure than ever before.
    * Can be used in narrow spaces.
Fastening work can be done at a width of 139 mm.

[Gap comparison at installation]
                 The hack Bobtail lock bolt has a low thread shape, has no gap compared to the standard bolt and nut, and has a shape that is difficult to loosen in vibration. In addition, because of the smooth thread, it has a structure with less stress concentration.

Bobtail      Standard bolt nut

[Visual examination]


Before conclusion                     After conclusion

After fastening (swaging), shape change due to volume movement is seen. Inspection can be easily done with a dedicated ring gauge.


[Conclusion process]

1. Insert a bolt into the hole and cover the pin with a collar.

2. Start by putting the tool on the parallel threaded pin tail. As the puller pulls the bolt into the tool, it simultaneously pushes the collar and eliminates the part gap.


3. The anvil starts swaging by starting to pull at the specified strength. While the collar bites into the thread, it extends the collar forward to obtain the required axial force.

4. When the swage is complete, release the switch and the anvil will return to the rear, releasing the pintail from the puller.

Troser head (BT) Rivet head (BT98T) 90 ° Counter head (BT90)

[Small Bobtail bolt dimension] unit = mm

[Small Bobtail bolt dimension] unit = mm

[Inspection data] Unit = mm                                                                              [Pre-hole diameter data] Unit = mm

Small Bobtail Bolt Part Number Selection Chart

BT → Troser head Grade 5 / 8.8 grade
BR → Carbon steel
12 → 3/8 "diameter 3.18-9.52mm
4 → Fastenable thickness
GA → Galvanized Trivalent Clear Chromate Finish

Small Bobtail color part number selection chart

* It is an option.

BTC → Grade 2
2B → Aluminum
8 → 1/4 "diameter
BL → Galvanized trivalent clear chromate finish
L → Resin tab

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