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The world's strongest axial force introduced blind bolt

The best selling product that spans over 50 years.

 ①When the pins separate near the fracture surface, the BOM fasteners are properly tightened.

②BOM fasteners do not require surface treatment, polishing, or filling after fastening.

③BOM fasteners have a unique design that makes them resistant to interference (vibration). It is also resistant to constituents such as salt water that cause rust and corrosion.

[Conclusion process]

1. Insert the BOM fastener into the prepared hole.

2. Apply a fastening tool to the pin tail section. The tool starts to work, and at the same time the pin tail is pulled in, the sleeve exerts a force and forms a head on the back side. During this time, the gaps between the materials are removed.

3. The anvil performs swaging on the fixed groove on the pin side.

4 ・ Drawing on tools continues, and the fastening process ends when the pin tail is removed.

[Dimension] unit = mm

[Inspection data] Unit = mm

[Mechanical Properties] Unit = kn

Note: Each figure is the minimum guaranteed value based on the data measured when fastening a material with a thickness of 1.5 times the diameter.
Note: Please contact us for the axial force value.

[Available range]

[Inspection method and numerical value]

BOM part number selection chart

R → steel
12 → 9.5 mm diameter
4 → Possible fastening thickness 4.8-7.9 mm

              * Other surface treatments available upon request.

  * For the combination of special tools, please see the separate tool table.

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