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C50L Powerbolt 

Large-sellers large diameter hack bolt
More than 50 years of trust

The swaged collar is permanent
              Form vibration resistant joint.

Remove material gaps by using longer bolts

Uneven axial force

[Conclusion process]

1. Insert a bolt into the hole and screw the collar to the pin.
   * The screws are not for tightening. For temporary fixing.

2. Start by putting the tool on the parallel threaded pin tail. As the puller pulls the bolt into the tool, it simultaneously pushes the collar and eliminates the part gap.


3. The anvil starts swaging by starting to pull at the specified strength. While the collar bites into the thread, it extends the collar forward to obtain the required axial force.

4. When the swage is complete, release the switch and the anvil will return to the rear, releasing the pintail from the puller.

[C50L bolt size] unit = mm

* Please contact us regarding the diameter of 34.92 mm (44).
* Stainless steel and aluminum C50L bolts are made to order.

[C50L color dimension] unit = mm

            Note 1: When selecting a flanged collar, specify the grip number by adding the J dimension to the material thickness dimension of the material to be fastened.

            Note 2: Half color is made to order. The tensile and axial force values will be lower than specified. Please contact us for details.
                        When selecting a half collar, subtract the J dimension in the material thickness dimension of the material to be fastened and specify the grip number.

    Note 3: The 5/8 "(20) diameter H dimension is 19.55-20.45 mm when the collar material is aluminum or SUS.

[Inspection data] Unit = mm

C50L bolt part number selection chart

C50L → C50L bolt
R → round head
BR → Grade 5 carbon steel (equivalent to 8.8 grade)
16 → 12.70 mm diameter
8 → Fabric (oil finish) Thickness available 12.70-19.05 mm (when using LC-R12G)

C50L color part number selection chart

3LC → C50L Flanged collar
2R → carbon steel
16 → 12.70 mm diameter
G → trivalent zinc plating clear chromate

* For the combination of special tools, please see the separate tool table.

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