HUCK bolt


What is Alcoa Hack Fastener?

It is intended to eliminate the influence of the skill of the work as much as possible. As a worker of the line immediately by the training for about 30 minutes,
I will be able to respond.
Huck is a leading brand in the aircraft industry, as a fastening that always requires a steady and secure conclusion.

What is the HUCK bolt

◎ Hack bolt:
The basic thread of the hack bolt is a parallel groove.
It is not a spiral.
Also, the collar corresponding to the nut is not grooved.

Representative series: Bobtail, C6L, C50L, Magna-Grip etc.

1: (with gap)
Insert bolt into member hole

2: (no gap)
Press the collar with the anvil while pulling the pintail with the chuck jaws to eliminate the gap

3: (Swage start)
Pull the pintail further, push the collar with anvil, and bite the collar into the bolt groove

4: (swage complete)
 When the collar is completely in the bolt groove, the bolt is stretched, and the member is tightened in a spring-like state

5: (Conclusion completed)
The pin tail is cut and it becomes in the fastening state, and the stable clamping force remains

What is HUCK blind fastener

Blind fasteners are roughly classified into the following.
(Hot eye) Rivets: Rivets that do not fill the holes in the main stream (Shape 1) → General-purpose blind rivets
Hole fill rivet: Type that fills the same hole as hot rivet (shape 2) → Magna lock
Wide bearing rivet: Hold the member with high strength and large area on both sides (Shape 3) → Magna valve, Auto valve
Axial force introduction blind bolt: Tightening force is about 1/2 of tensile strength (Shape 4) → BOM
There is about 1/5 of tensile strength, → Hacklock (changes according to conditions)

What are the benefits?

[1] Cost reduction (A significant cost reduction is achieved by the realization of the welding-less method.)
【2】 Solve the problem such as bolt falling off by vibration. (Excellent durability)
The unique locking mechanism ensures sufficient strength against repeated loads and vibrations where conventional rivets and bolts are weak.
[3] Quality improvement and stabilization.
The same quality can be concluded even if the worker changes.
            Fastening confirmation is OK by visual inspection or dimensional measurement.
There is no variation in welding quality.
[4] One side construction possible (one piece type)
It can be tightened even in places where you can not reach behind.

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