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Blind rivet for double lock mechanism structure

It guarantees a shear strength of 15 kN with a diameter of 6.4 mm.

Huck Lok is the thickness of the plate to be used, and the fracture surface is flush with the head. You can always judge at a glance whether the work vehicle is properly engaged. This is a major point of cost reduction. In addition, it will be a beautiful finish look.

The back side valving surface has a strong structure against falling off.

There is an undercut and can be used without any problem for burrs.

Because of the solid axis, there is very high shear strength.

The rivet head is made a circle lock while the support ring is made inside the valving to form a double lock.

[Conclusion process]

1. Insert the Huck Lok / Hacklock into the hole and push the tool into the rivet pin tail.

2. Pull the trigger and pull the pin tail. The support ring pushes the sleeve outward and pushes the member while tightening the valve shape.


3. During valving, the support ring is integrated with the sleeve to form a strong valving.


4. [at minimum plate thickness]
The support ring is a mechanism that moves and is fixed to the catch ring. When the pintail is pulled, a portion of the rivet is pushed into the groove of the pin to form a circle lock. The pintail is broken and the fastening is complete.


5. [at maximum thickness]
The support ring has been sheared, moved and captured by the catch group. In this way, the support ring inflates and secures the back sleeve while moving in the sleeve, creating a double locking.

Minimum thickness Maximum thickness

[Dimension] unit = mm

[Mechanical Properties]

Unit = kN

About material and finish

* For the combination of special tools, please see the separate tool table.

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