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The definitive edition to a thin plate Valving type blind rivet

It can be fastened without damaging the parts.

The back valving surface forms a wide seat and provides secure fastening. The front side flange surface adopts the same circle lock as the magna lock to ensure vibration resistance.

Surface treatment with high corrosion resistance. Protruding pins can be easily removed with SpincutterTM. High fatigue strength is achieved with smooth threads with low stress concentration.
Excellent in removing gaps between materials, high residual axial force is obtained.

[Round-head dimension] unit = mm

[Mechanical Properties] Unit = kn

Magna-Bulb (magna valve) Part number selection chart

MB → Magna valve
CP → Clearance type
R → steel
8 → 6.4 mm diameter
M6 → Thickness available 5.8-7.8 mm round head

* For the combination of special tools, please see the separate tool table.

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