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Most Trusted Circle Lock Type Blind Rivet

It can also be used for construction.

Breaking pin cutting eliminates the need for polishing and filling processes, and the flat surface makes painting easier.

The unique three-dimensional perimeter groove ensures maximum strength and vibration resistance. There is almost no potential pin missing.

Excellent in removing gaps between materials, high residual axial force is maintained.

The sleeve is expanded to fill the hole in the fastening process, and a highly airtight fastening part is formed.

1. Insert the fastener into the prepared hole. Place the fastening tool and nose assembly on the break pin. The jaws in the nose assembly hold the pintail.

2. The piston of the fastening tool moves backward and pulls the pin tail and at the same time pulls the base material. And the sleeve on the blind side is expanded and formed.


3. Continuing to pull in the pin tail, the pin is in the sleeve, and expansion to the sleeve and base hole is completed. After fixing the pin position, a three-dimensional fixing groove is formed between the pin and the sleeve.

4. The tool piston moves further backward, the broken pintail is removed, and the fastening process is complete.

[Round-head dimension] unit = mm

[Truss head dimensions] unit = mm

[100 ° countersunk size] unit = mm

[Mechanical Properties] Unit = kn

↑  Wide thickness range with 1 part number.
Photo: MGLP-R8-E Thickness range 2.04-15.87 mm

Magna-Lok (Magna Lock) Part Number Selection Chart
MGL → Magna Lock
100 to 100 ° plate head
R → steel
8 → 6.4 mm diameter
8 → thickness possible thickness 4.07-12.06 mm

About material and finish

* For the combination of special tools, please see the separate tool table.

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