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Hack bolt applicable to 1000 applications

Management cost reduction with wide grip

□ Inventory reduction and error reduction

・ Achieving a wide grip range contributes to inventory reduction by reducing the number of parts.
  ・ If the number of parts is small, there is a point effect that the number of mistakes made by workers is reduced, and the additional construction cost can be reduced.

□ Excellent seismic resistance

・ The collar material is swaged into the fixed groove of zero pitch, and by entering it, a permanent vibration resistant fastening is formed. As a result, while high customer satisfaction can be obtained, claims costs can be reduced.

□ Hole diameter accuracy not severe

・ There is not much attention to the forming accuracy of the base material hole. It is a mechanism that can provide an axial force without variation throughout the fastening system and the ability to remove material gaps.

[Conclusion process]

1. Insert the fastener pin into the prepared hole. Then place the precision forming collar on the other side of the pin head.

2. Fix the tool close to the pin. When you start the tool
The tool pushes the collar while pulling the pin straight up.


3. The tool is pushed in the direction of the collar and pressed into the fixing groove of the pin while molding the material of the collar. This process is called "swaging", and the pin and collar are precisely drawn to form the axial force of the fastener.

4. When the "swage process" is complete, the fracture is automatically pulled and removed at the tip of the collar. The tool pushes the collar apart. This leaves a permanently mechanically fixed fastener.

[Magna Grip bolt dimensions] Round head unit = mm

Note 1 = Not applicable.

[Magna Grip bolt dimensions] Flat head

Note 2 Steel Not applicable. Aluminum 3.81-4.57
Note 3 Steel 3.68-4.44 Aluminum 4.57-5.33

[Magna Grip bolt dimensions]

Note 4 Steel 22.81-24.84 Aluminum 4.57-5.33

[Magna Grip bolt dimensions] 90 ° flat head

[Magna Grip Bolt Dimensions] Rivet Head

[Magna Grip Color Dimension] Unit = mm

Standard Flanged Collar, Medium Flanged Collar
 MGC                         MGCS

Note 5 Steel 4.75-5.00
      Aluminum 4.93-5.18

With wide flange

[Inspection method and numerical value]

[Scope of proper conclusion]
Even if the fractured part bites into from the tip of the collar, it can be regarded as a proper fastening if it can be seen by two fixed grooves inside the collar.

[Range where the conclusion is rejected]
The condition where 3 fixed grooves are visible is regarded as a failure.

Magna Grip bolt part number selection chart

MGP → Magnagrip bolt
B → Round head
R → steel
8 → 6.4 mm diameter
10 → thickness possible thickness 1.57-15.88 mm
G → trivalent zinc plating clear chromate

Magna Grip bolt part number selection chart

MGC → standard flanged collar
R → steel
12 → 9.5 mm diameter
U → Trivalent Galvanized Yellow Chromate
       * For the combination of special tools, please see the separate tool table.

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